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Author Topic: Guild Guidelines : Important Guild News!  (Read 992 times)
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« on: May 14, 2005, 08:23:59 AM »

Hello all!

This is Frostburn. Over the last 2 months, Gladewalker and I have been discussing things and we have decided that I will be taking over the responsibility of being guild leader.

As the guild has grown, we have started to get quite a few players who would like to really be able to experience the higher end content of the game. In order to do that in any real way, the guild needs a bit more organization and policies so that we can better communicate what everyone wants and needs to have the most fun with the game.

To this end, over the coarse of the next month, there will be some changes in the organization of the guild. Officers will be added and positions will be changed a bit. The following positions are the things that I am looking to have for the guild:

1. Tradeskill Masters (1 Per trade skill): This person will compile lists of high-end recipes for his or her trade skill and who needs those recipes still. The TS Master will also be the person who is given the recipes and resources needed for that TS FIRST as that person would be the primary provider of items for those TS in the guild. Whoever takes this job must be willing to be generous with their craft and have a good understanding of how it works and be able to explain it to others. You will be the contact point for the guild on these matters.

2. Raid Leader: This person will be responsible for information and organization regarding instanced dungeons. When doing raids in PvE it is important to have someone who is very familiar with how the encounters work, what drops in each location (as best as can be determined) and what quests can be accomplished. This person will also be responsible for the organization of the raid when present. Finally, this person must be motivated and willing to get people together to get the groups and raid parties that people want to get the items they need and their quests finished.

3. War Master: This person is the one who will handle all requests and information regarding the PvP aspect of the game. Many of you have already started to delve into this aspect of the game and as the content grows, I would suspect that it would become more and more meaningful especially at the high end. This person will be the one getting PvP events posted and making sure that people are aware of the goals of the guild in this regard. Once again, a solid knowledge of how the PvP system works and good PvP experience is a must.

4. Class Leaders (1 Per Class): This one is really important. Each of the classes has their own needs and issues. This person will be responsible for keeping the list of needed spells for the class and any special items for the class that need to be hunted down or quested for. Without a clear knowledge of what everyone needs, there is no way for us to effectively help anyone get the stuff they really need. Also, the CL must be willing to take the time to answer questions other guildies have about that class and how it functions.

5. Roster Master: This person will be responsible for maintaining an accurate list of the primary characters and their alts. This includes level, rank, and status in the guild.

6. You Tell Me: Over time there will be other issues that come up and we will need more people doing things. If I have missed anything, just tell me and we will fix it.

OK, now that I have started to give everyone else a whole bunch of stuff to do, now I will tell you what I am for:

1. Internal issues - If you are having a problem with another guild member that is serious enough to really upset you, I will be here to help mediate or fix the issue depending on the circumstances. In a large group, not everyone will get along all the time, but having someone in charge of trying to keep it that way is key to keeping it together. PLEASE do not take your frustrations out on guild chat or on the boards if there is issue. I WILL help resolve problems as they come up.

2. Recruitment approval - since the guild has gotten to the point where we have some fairly high end players as well as mid level players, we will have need of certain classes to really be able to do the high end content that we do not yet have. Recruitment so far has been fairly casual but limited. I would like to see it stay that way so we will still have a fairly open door policy, but we will also have a probationary period from now on. More details will come as the policies for the guild are put up. Which brings me to...

3. Guild policies - I will NOT be solely responsible for these alone. The guild itself through comment and action will mold what the guild is as the game goes on. But, over the coarse of this week I will be setting up and posting the initial rules and guidelines for the guild as well as rules that everyone is expected to follow to keep the guild running smoothly. These policies are new and were not in place when you joined the guild per say, so your comments and critiques are greatly appreciated and will help to define what things will look like in the end.

There are many more things to go over in the near future, but I think this is enough for now. If you have any comments or problems with something I have said or the idea of me becoming guild leader, please send me an email at and I will respond.

Thank you all

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