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Author Topic: What we are doing with the bank  (Read 909 times)
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« on: July 12, 2005, 04:28:19 PM »

Hello all, here is the bank information everyone has been waiting for.

There are 3 sections to this policy page:  Giving items and money to the guild, Requesting items from the bank, and what the guild bank funds are going to be used for.

1.   GIVING MONEY AND ITEMS TO THE GUILD ¬ñ All the stuff that players wish to donate to the guild should be sent to bankerbob our guild mule.  The following are the general guidelines for this:

A.   Do not send anything to bankerbob that you are planning on charging money for.  The guild mule is set up to handle the accumulation of guild funds and items to be disbursed to those who need them.  If you wish to provide services to the guild that you need reimbursement for, please use the message boards to post the items you can or have made and how much you wish to charge for them.
B.   All monetary donations to the guild are also handled through bankerbob.  If you are donating items with the expectation that bankerbob will just auction them, please do this in advance and send the money instead as it is already a bit and space consuming to handle the items that need to be stored.  Please note that all donations to the guild are being PRIVATELY tracked so that we as a guild can appropriately compensate those who show generosity and support for their fellow guild mates.
C.   Item donations ¬ñ Bankerbob will accept all items being sent as contributions to the guild.  Please try to restrict the items you send to the more difficult to get items.  It doesn¬ít have to be rare blue recipes, but it shouldn¬ít be low-level cloth or minerals.  Items such as pearls and other random drops are very acceptable as they can be irritating to get a hold of, but items that drop VERY frequently (such as cloth) or come from common fixed sources (such as mines) do not need to go to the bank.  Once again, our message board can be used to post both requests for resources and offers.  If the guild wishes, then we will make an exception for higher level gathered items like throium, runecloth and high level fishing items, but I think that it should not be necessary.  Items that are more rare that come from these sources however should be banked.  Truesilver, all the gems, and felcloth are all examples of this I believe should be in the guild bank.  All recipes should also go into the bank, but low-level recipes will be kept for a very limited amount of time and then auctioned if not needed.  Equipment will be handled in the same way.  Items that are not the highest end items will be kept for a limited amount of time (like a week) and then auctioned for guild funds.

2.   ITEM DISBURSEMENT ¬ñ OK, now you know how to give stuff to the guild, how do you get what you want from the bank?  Here are the guidelines:

A.   Items in the guild bank are NOT for skilling up.  The guild MUST support its tradeskill masters, but the items in the bank are meant to provide the guild with funds and players with the items they need to complete quests and make key items for themselves and the guild.
B.   Items in the bank will be listed on line once every week or so.  Anyone who is interested in these items will post what they want and why they want it.  If, after a few days, only one person wants the item, then they will get it.  If more than one person wants the item, then who gets the item will be based on need, how much that person has already gotten from the bank, and how close to finishing the item/quest each person is.  For example: we have an Azerothian Diamond, which can be used for several things.  If one person needs 1 Diamond to complete a paladin quest and another person needs 3 more to craft an item, the person who needs only 1 more will most likely get the diamond.  We will try to be as fair and reasonable about the disbursement of these items as possible, but it will be a judgment call with very limited items.  If this system does not work, we will have to go to rolling off for those items, but I do not like the idea of having to do that.

3.   WHAT THE HECK IS THIS ALL FOR? And now, the part you have been waiting for.  What are the funds in the guild bank for?  Here it is from my perspective:

A.   The primary investments I see us using guild funds for are recipes.  The high-end recipes help the guild to become as self sufficient as possible and they are VERY expensive.  I have already personally invested a great deal in helping some of our tradeskill people get these recipes so that the guild will be stronger.  By the same token, it is assumed that any tradeskill person taking recipes purchased this way will be making the items for the guild as well as themselves and will be as reasonable as possible when trying to recoup funds for components.  Please note that the recipes will be purchased primarily for the Tradeskill Master for each tradeskill until they are done.  This person does not have to also be a main
B.   Key crafting and quest components.  If there is a guild member very close to completing a quest that will provide him or her with a significant upgrade to their equipment, it is very possible that we will use guild funds to help that player complete the quest.  Likewise for the creation of an item that greatly benefits the guild.  Most likely we will be relying on members to gather these items and share them with the guild, but in special cases it is the more efficient way to handle things.
C.   Cheap great items.  If someone finds a very good item on the auction house that they feel would be a great asset to the guild, mention it to the officers and we can try to buy it for the guild.
D.   You tell me.  If there is something else the guild should be looking to pay for, then let me know.
E.   Borrowing money from the guild: No, but thank you for asking.

It is my goal to have the guild bank be a useful tool for the advancement of guild goals.  It is the duty of the officers to see that the bank is well maintained and the items in it are fairly and quickly distributed.  It is the duty of all guild members to see that it is stocked with the items that our members need to finish their projects.  Only through your help and contribution will this guild be able to provide its members with the support they are looking for.  Those who do tradeskills cannot function effectively at the high end without the support of gatherers and, to some extent, vice versa.  We are a team and must start to think that way.  If there is anything that anyone wishes to add, please feel free to do so.

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