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Author Topic: Yogg-Saron Fight  (Read 895 times)
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« on: July 21, 2009, 06:52:32 AM »

StratFu's guide makes Yogg sound simple  Smiley

One difference from what we were doing:

  • Stand by door for phase 1 to stay out of the clouds
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« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2009, 07:51:16 AM »

The thing to remember with a lot of Ulduar fights is that while they can be very complicated overall, they are really pretty straightforward when you look at what you as an individual needs to do.

For example, as a ranged DPS, the fight is pretty straight.
-Phase one, stay out of the clouds (clumped near the door is good) and blast the guardians down to around 300k so the tank can drag them to Sarah to explode.
-Phase two-blow a kiss to Sarah for the achievement.    Move AS A GROUP (that's important) to kill the crushers, constrictors and lastly cursing tentacles.  Always kill a crusher or constricter first.  Watch your sanity, and look out for the "sanity lash" (forget the name) and go get cleansed.  Don't get hit by Sarah.  She has frickin' laser beams strapped to her eyes.
-Phase three:  as a group put your back to Yogg and blast the Guardians one by one as the tank drages them in front of you.  If you've been assigned to help dps Yogg instead then watch out for his sanity-reducing eyebeams.

Basically, while there is a lot going on in the fight (we didn't even talk about the portals), not all of it matters to each player.  At least for me, that's sort of a key to getting Ulduar fights down quickly, is just isolating those parts that matter to me and my group (ranged dps in this case) and tuning out the rest.  It turns fights like Yogg from a confused grinder to a more by-the-numbers play.
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« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2009, 04:51:45 PM »

Yogg isn't a terribly hard fight in principle, it's just tricky to get everyone to do their part well.

The door thing may or may not work out for you. When my current guild was learning Yogg, we found that we had problems with people not being able to switch targets when the one guardian was at low health, and blowing them up in the raid. We also had trouble getting our ranged people to not step in clouds, but it turns out that it was easier to get them to do that than to get them to assist properly. Also, as a tank, I had a terribly hard time dragging the guardians, but maybe that was just me.

In phase 2, your portal group really has to be on the ball. If they're not being efficient, it makes the fight a lot harder. When we got the Icecrown vision, we'd blow heroism, because that was the one where the mobs were most clumped together, so that gave us the most heroism time on the brain. Up top in phase 2 isn't so hard, but you need to make sure everyone has their priorities in line. Constrictor > crusher > corrupter. If anyone is smacking corrupters while crushers are alive, they should be slapped by Eleth while in bear form.

Phase 3 is probably the easiest phase, but also feels the most hectic to me. Jax summed it up pretty well. If you have pretty good DPS on the guardians, you can let one or two go onto Yogg full-time, while being ready to come back if the rest of the players start to get behind on guardians.

Good luck with the fight, it's pretty crazy but definitely fun and worth the effort.
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