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Author Topic: TK Guide - please read  (Read 2161 times)
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« on: October 03, 2007, 07:37:13 AM »

Ok, the forum is "MC Tips and Strategies" - I thought that would be appropriate as TK will be our first Non-Onyxia style 25man RAID (similar to MC being the first non-Onyxia style 40 man raid). 

Thursday evening, KoR will be headed to Tempest Keep and entering the Dungeon "The Eye".  Tempest Keep is the name of the area at large up in Netherstorm.  There is Tempest Keep:  Botanica and Tempest Keep:  The Mechenaar as well as Tempest Keep:  The Arcatraz .  So on Thursday, we'll all be heading up to Netherstorm area and using that summoning stone for the slackers to head in to The Eye.  Commonly, people will refer to "The Eye" as "TK" (a misnomer) or "TKE".

The Eye is a 25man zone (obviously) that has a number of trash pulls and is laid out not-unlike a normal 5man or oldschool 40man instance.  We will have a number of trash mobs before the boss, we'll see some patrols, mages will (finally) get to use crowd control, hunters will be misdirecting, trapping, warlocks possibly seducing, druids 'sleeping', etc..think 5man instance with 20 other people and bigger, badder, mobs. 

Like the other tempest keep instances, will work in the instance.  These are cheaper than mana pots, easily obtained in other TK instances, and should lessen the consumable cost for the guild.  There is a similar health pot for the tanks/non mana users.  I highly reccomend everyone come with a stack (15 per stack) of each - check the AH, your bank, or grind some TK instances tonight with 4 of your friends.

Our first few pulls will have 4 crowd controlled targets - expect to be given a 'sheep assignment' (or trap, as the case may be) for the evening - the Raid Leaders will try to make sure you always get the same symbol (IE:  Sicro on Star, xako on circle, creaky on blue square, etc...)   You can get in depth info on the pulls at  The only thing to note is that some of the mobs can cleanse CC, so if you are assigned to CC, you'll want to keep a close eye on it - pallies will assist by stunning broken CC until CC can be reapplied.

I would expect to take about 1.5 - 2  hours to clear to our target (Void Reaver) for the first time.  I expect to wipe a couple times on trash (very unforgiving if CC isn't proper) and take 'extra care' in setting up pulls.  Don't be disheartened if it seems like it takes forever to get to Void Reaver - once we become familiar with it, we'll plow through the place like ZG.

Our target is Void Reaver.  Void Reaver is a big robot.  He has a few abilities that are worth mentioning:

#1.  Orbs
#2.  Pummel
#3.  Knock back
#4.  Enrage

#1.  Orbs - this is a big arcane-ball that he will shoot at random ranged DPSers (20+ yards).  The ball (an arcane bomb) will be hurled at your "current" position.  Once it 'lands' it will explode and hit anyone near it (within 20 yards) for 6000dmg and silence that person. 
Solution: This encounter becomes 'dodge ball' for the Ranged DPS/Healers. 
#2.  Pummel - everyone INSIDE 20 yards will get 'pummeled' every 10 seconds - the pummel will hit everyone within that 20 yards for approximately 6k dmg total.
Solution:  We will dedicate healers to heal the melee through pummel - rogues can cloak of shadows, and if you don't feel that you can take a 6k pounding, you can always back out of 20 yards and bandage yourself.
#3.  Knock Back - every 30 seconds VR will perform a 'knock back' on the main tank.  This knockback will significantly lower the threat of the tank.
Solution:  We will have multiple tanks fighting for aggro - if one of the tanks gets 'knocked back', ideally Void Reaver will simply turn to the next tank.  This is a VERY aggro sensitive fight so EVERYONE needs to have KTM threat meter installed!
#4.  Enrage - at 10 minutes, Void Reaver will Enrage and kill everyone Smiley 
Solution:  DEE PEE ESS!

Slightly more indepth...
#1.  Orbs:  We will have groups assisgned to quadrants of the room - if ANYONE in your group gets targeted, you need to move AWAY from where that person was standing - if you're within 20 yards, you will get blown up.  Deadly Boss Mobs will help tell you who is targeted, but you need to be familiar with your group and where people are standing.  As SOON as you see that person targeted, IMMEDIATELY move away (do NOT wait that extra 1 second to finish the cast) - just start moving.  The balls are big and they travel fast.  Do NOT worry about 'wasting mana' by canceling a channeled cast, do NOT worry about losing DPS by canceling a normal spell, do NOT worry about getting that heal off on the tank, just MOVE.  If you do not move, you will get hit for 6k dmg and silenced for 6 seconds.  If you're worried about DPS, just remember:  6 seconds of silence REALLY hurts DPS, and a dead <x> does nothing. Smiley  If you see the ball, MOVE.  If you DO get hit by an orb, IMMEDIATELY bandage yourself - you're silenced and can't do anything anyways.  We will have a couple of healers assigned to heal those that get hit by the ball, but do NOT rely on this person as he or she may be silenced as well.

#2.  Pummel:  With a bit of luck, one of those blue people (Fandango!:D) will be on our Void Reaver attempt - he will be assigned to heal melee through pummel.  We will also utilize priest's Circle of Healing to heal melee groups through the damage.  If we find that the healers cannot keep up with the damage output, we may request that melee starts 'running out' for pummels.  The reason I want to leave Melee in for pummels is because Void Reaver is ultimately a DPS race - if he doesn't die in 10 minutes, we wipe.  KoR brings a lot of melee dps, and I'd hate to see them have to run in and out every 10 seconds.

#3.   Knock back:  Ideally we'll have a Nalen/Vandred/Druid fighting for aggro - whoever gets it is i fine (VR doesn't hit particularly hard) but all three need to be #1, #2, and #3 on threat - if you find yourself at #3, DUMP AGGRO (even if this means stopping dps!)  If anyone pulls voidreaver out of position, the raid will likely wipe as pummel will hit casters and orbs can start targeting melee (unless they stay within 20 yards at all times).  We will utilize hunters MD as often as possible.   With the damage caused by pummel, the tanks should not find themselves rage starved.

#4.  Enrage:  I want to see us hit Enrage - even if Void Reaver is at 80% health when he does.  Depending on how the first few attempts go, I may call for an "enrage attempt" - the goal of that attempt is to do 0 DPS and ONLY work on survivability.

These are some good links to check out for further details:

I hope this has been informative and if anyone has any questions, please post.

Greetings, My Minions,
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« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2007, 08:52:52 AM »

Just one clarification:  The arcane orb is dodge ball for everyone, including the target.  While Voidreaver will aim the orb at a particular target it is an unguided missile--it won't follow the target.
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« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2007, 10:41:21 AM »

Also, dont forget that you can reset him by running back into the hallway.  And if you do that, don't forget that he will still keep throwing orbs for a short while, so watch for those chat bubble.

Additionally, DBM has some handy options that are usually on by default but you may want to verify.  Each person should have the setting to give chat warnings enabled.  This way, you will see "Orb coming to me, move quickly" over the head of each player as they are targetted.  (also enable chat bubbles in your wow interface menu)  And I think only the RL needs to check to make sure that raid marking is turned on so that a skull gets briefly placed over the character when targetted by VR for orbs.

The biggest thing CVN has struggled with in learning this fight is to let go of what you are doing and move immeidiately when you or someone near is targetted for orb.  Healers, have faith that someone else will grab that heal.  DPS, this is an aggro sensative fight anyway, so skipping your current cast will probably not hurt you in the long run.  Zoom your camera view out and be aware of your surroundings. 

Best of luck to you guys!
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« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2007, 11:26:25 AM »

The DPS REALLY NEEDS TO BE THERE. This is a crazy fight and he takes awhile to go down. Chances are on your first time you will need all 10 minutes to kill him, so manage mana effciently with pots and whatnot.

DODGE THE ORBS!!!!!! These thins do an insane amount of damage and you will need just about everyone to stay alive in order to down him.

I remember when the oath first killed him, we had all 25 still up when he enraged and then killed him after he wiped out almost half the raid in a matter of seconds. This is a hard fight, and everyone needs to be ready.

good luck, i hope you guys pwn.

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« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2007, 11:31:05 AM »

non-dodgers of orbs need to l2bandage.

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