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Author Topic: Guild Mission Statement  (Read 1376 times)
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« on: May 11, 2005, 10:12:05 PM »

Hello all!

There are several key elements that make the difference between a random grouping of people playing the same game and a true guild.  These elements are what we should strive to achieve for all of the members of the guild.

1.  KOR is first and foremost a guild designed to make the play experience of all the members more positive.  That means that our first function is to provide a support network for all of the members of the guild.  There are many experienced players and a good number of inexperienced players in the guild.  In order to cater to all levels of play, we must respect and appreciate the individual play goals of the members.  Activities that the guild promotes will be focused not only on high-end instances and PVP.  It will also focus on the needs of those in the mid and lower range game.  Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like you are forgotten because you are not level 60.  To this end, I intend to make quest assistance and mid level raids a part of what we do on a regular basis.  For us to do Molten Core and other end game content, we as a guild will have to pull together, help people advance, and learn to work together to accomplish our goals.

2.  KOR is designed to be an all-inclusive guild.  It is often tempting to try to get together with the same people every week and for small efficient raiding/PVP groups within the guild.  While this may seem like a good idea at first, it can cause difficulties for the guild as a whole in the future.  As a result, we need to be willing to mix things up and allow players who are guild members into groups and raids to give them a chance to really get involved.  By doing this, we really get to know each other and can help each other learn the roles that our classes really play within the game.  If you only play with one priest all the time and there are 5 in the guild, the other 4 are not only going to feel left out, they will never get the chance to learn to play well with you when the raids get significantly larger and mass coordination is required.

3.  Generosity is a key factor in the survival of the guild.  Every one of us likes to get items and other cool things for our characters.  However, it is important to keep a broader perspective on these things when you are cooperating with a group of people.  In the policies section of the site, I will explain the guidelines for guild raid looting policies and for the sharing of resources within the guild.  Without a bit of cooperation with regards to the items and resources that the guild collects, the guild's ability to support and develop it membership will be severely hampered.

4.  KOR is not a static organization.  All of the guidelines, rules and policies will be open to discussion.  If a member is having an immediate problem with a policy or guideline, I will be there to discuss this issue in full and bring it to the general membership for evaluation.  It is important that we all see eye to eye on what is expected of each member and what each member can expect from the guild.

5.  While it will be part of my job to help establish good relationships with the other guilds on the sever, each and every one of our members is always a representative of the guild.  As such, it is important that all of the guild members treat those outside the guild with as much fairness and respect as those inside the guild.  Honesty, fairness and the ability to be flexible when things don't go quite the way you expect will go a long way towards making friendships and alliances that will serve the guild for the months/years to come.  While I do not intend this guild to be restrictive or stifling in any way, behavior that damages the reputation of the guild or its membership cannot be allowed to continue over the long run.  You are all a great bunch of people, that's why you are in this guild.  I just want us all to strive to show the rest of the sever just how good we are.

As with everything right now, this is just the beginning for KOR.  As the guild grows and changes, so will this mission statement.  I hope however that this gives everyone a general idea of what I have envisioned as the focus of the guild and its general purpose.

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« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2005, 01:46:20 PM »

This looks really good! Both the above comments and the categories you set up.  I added two - I think they are conceptually necessary, but you can change the titles to anything else you might like.  Let me know when you want to "go live" with this part of the site.  Also don't forget to check your PMs . . . Wink  I was also thinking about a topic for people to post pics in specifically, what do you think?
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2005, 02:24:03 PM »

FYI I have been playing around with themes, you can see everything looks a bit different - it appeals to me, but I am not sure it will appeal to anyone else.  But you can go into the admin section and play around with the themes and see if there is a different one that you like better.  I like this one (simplicity) because it is very clean and doesn't waste space on useless graphics that just take up screen real-estate.  The one we were using before was Helios if you would like to just change it back.
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